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How to Apply


Assessment Criteria:

The initial assessment of prospective tenants will be based on their level of investment in the specified Permitted Activities. The on-going measures that will be applied to determine that the “predominant activities” of the tenant will be agreed in advance of issuance of each license on a case-by-case basis. As means of illustration, such measures may include:

  • Number of staff directly employed in technology (product and/or process) development, technology-related consulting services or R&D
  • Level of financial investment and resources in technology (product and/or process) development or technology-related consulting services or R&D
  • Number of individuals that are educated and/or trained at the Licensee’s premises at QSTP.

Permitted Activities:

  • Technology (product and/or process) development
  • R&D
  • Low volume, high value-added specialist manufacturing
  • Education and/or training
  • Technology-related consulting services
  • New business creation and/or development


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    QSTP technovate will bring you the hottest topics and distinguished speakers on startups, product/services development, innovation and commercialization.

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  • Check out the blog

    Do you want to read more on innovation and tech-entrepreneurship? Check out the blog of our Managing Director, Dr Maher Hakim.

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